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Product System

Property Management Service



Management Made Easier, Property Managed More Precisely

The Property Management System is a convenient and user-friendly web service that allows building property managers to easily monitor and manage properties through report analysis and query functions


Real-time Reporting and Quick Resolution

After an abnormal event, the system automatically generates a work order and provides mobile access to check and report on the progress of the work, making it convenient for timely problem resolution


Easy for Monitoring and System's Maintenance

The system also features reminders for maintenance contract expiration and monthly maintenance, QR code generation for items, and more, to assist you in easily managing and monitoring your property


Efficient Management, Cost Reduction

The property management system also includes various functions such as data analysis, property SOP, maintenance reminders, and duty management, which can assist you in better managing your building, improving management efficiency, and reducing costs

Future Functionality: Phase 2 Plan


Phase 1 : Digitalized Operational Management

Digitalized operational management of properties can effectively enhance management efficiency, reduce unnecessary expenses, and prevent human error or misconduct


Phase 2 : AI & Data-driven Management

AI and data-driven management of properties can automatically complete many tasks, supplemented by data-driven operational decisions, providing more efficient, intelligent, and convenient services

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