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About Entron

Into Smart Building,

A new Era Begin

Founded in 2023, Entron focuses on the field of smart buildings, using cloud platform, equipment management and AI technology to build smart building management applications to meet the needs of building safety and disaster prevention, energy management, health and comfort, and smart innovation. With the goal of creating a humane living space, we aim to create a natural dialogue between people and buildings

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Team Members

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Tao Jidong

Executive Vice President

Role: Management / Administration

Expertise: Industry / Corporate Governance, Business Development, Financial Analysis

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Chen Yu-Ren

Technical Director

Role: System architecture analysis and planning, integration, Project construction, and execution

Expertise:Smart Building IoT Platform,AI

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Huang Yan-Xun

Business Manager

Role: Management / Administration

Expertise: Consultative Marketing, New Business Development / Channel Development, CRM

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Devan Liang

Product Manager

Role: Smart factory application development, project management

Expertise: Project management, FAE, IoT platform.

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