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​Intelligent Building Management Platform

​ A natural dialogue between humanity and architecture


About Entron

Into Smart Building,

A new Era Begin

Founded in 2023, Entron focuses on the field of smart buildings, using cloud platform, equipment management and AI technology to build smart building management applications to meet the needs of building safety and disaster prevention, energy management, health and comfort, and smart innovation. With the goal of creating a humane living space, we aim to create a natural dialogue between people and buildings


Platform Introduction

An Open Platform to Improve Efficiency

Complete solutions for smart buildings, consulting, integrated implementation, application development, etc.

  • Assist in receiving, storing, exchanging and analyzing data from various construction-related systems

  • Meet the development and management needs of various smart building applications through a single platform

  • Solving cross-system data integration problems


IoT AI Platform / Analytics


Data Management / Analysis + Prediction


Data Visualization / Situation Room


Device management / Pre-diagnosis


5G Integration / Management


Technical Layout

Smart Building Data Application Platform

Our system adopts a highly scalable and stackable microservices architecture, which is connected to building systems through cloud platforms. It integrates various ICT systems, such as parking management, water management, lighting control, HVAC, access control, and video surveillance. In addition, our system supports data collection, storage, retrieval, and analysis, solving the problem of "where data comes from and how it comes" in existing building architectures, thereby reducing the cost burden of upgrade changes.

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研創_工作區域 1.png

​Product Introduction

Multiple Services to Create smart Building

Property management service

The property management system is a convenient and easy-to-use WEB service that assists managers in monitoring properties more easily through report analysis and query functions. The system also includes various features such as automatic document generation, mobile inquiry and reporting, maintenance reminders, and more, to improve management efficiency and reduce costs, making it easier for you to manage and monitor buildings.




Wanin International

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DIT Startup




Tung Feng Construction Engineering


Institute for Information Industry

​Media Coverage



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